Dream Journal- Titan & Nomadic Ape People

Lots of buzzing at night last night, my whole body was very energized and I could even see it vibrating. I had two dreams that stood out to me so I wanted to share them on here for my own remembering and in case its validation for others.

The first one is where I was with a group of people we were supposed to be getting rid of this “guy” I can only describe him as he looked like a” Titan” from the movies. He was really chaotic and crazy, he looked like some kind of voo doo doctor I don’t know how else to describe him. We gave him a piece of paper, and then we placed his “essence” into water and then drank him. We transmuted his energy into light.


The second one we were a group of “Nomadic ” monkey people. The Nomadic part just came to me as a message as I awoke.  We were being experimented on. Many of us were very evolved and so we knew how to escape. I had a baby on my hip as I tried to escape. I had to run through a lot of barriers, doors, and traps to get out. I finally got outside and then was free.


Wild adventures during dream time lately, I fully believe in my dreams, I believe these other parts of me that I am shown are real, and happening all in this now moment.



2 thoughts on “Dream Journal- Titan & Nomadic Ape People

  1. Simon Ramiel says:

    Your first dream sounds very exciting!
    Would it mean some kind of Devine being has descended on this earth?
    Or Awakened?
    I’d love to analyse that dream with you, I just love dreams in general. I am living one ;).

    Take care Ariel.

    Much love,



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