Dream Journal- Birds and First Loves

I was on a boat of some sort and there were many large birds on the deck. They had eggs and nests I think. I opened the door towards them and they made a lot of noise so I shut it. Then I was fast forwarded to immediately being next to them, One large bird is opening up my mouth with its beak and is beginning to regurgitate food into my mouth. I feel it as liquid running into my mouth and throat, this freak me the fuck out. Hahaha I am so confused as I awaken from this, Was I a baby bird? Why were we on a ship? What in the fuck?


Another dream, I am in my boyfriends house from Junior high, he was my first love and I moved away never to actually see him again, so it’s strange. Anyways I am at his house and then we are outside in the snow, someones baby is there and they are playing with it, throwing it out into the snow, and I go out there too. The baby has sunken into the snow and I realize Im in my underwear as I feel the cold snow on my body. We end up in water, and I am floating on my back. I feel at peace and almost like Im in a womb, just a calm feeling. Then a dog begins to swim towards me and I get scared and freak out, I struggle as I go under water. My boyfriend rescues me and I thank him for doing so.

I have also been going through a lot of healing, I just received a wonderful light language healing from my soul group and have been trying to integrate this. These dreams feel to me like Im moving through my fears, and that makes me feel good. Im happy to finally be moving through all this old shit that I no longer need. I feel like we are reallllyyyyyy stepping up, finally able to do our work here and it feels really really good. This is all I have ever wanted, to help humanity and to really fulfill my mission. The past 3 years have been really wild and yes filled with some heartbreak, but a lot of excitement. I have finally stepped up to my missions, and into my full power and it feels great. Its amazing how once you step into your self healing path fully and surrender to it things just begin to bloom and escalate. I am feeling lots of resonance with those who I consider “soul family” we are all coming to the same conclusions right now, that we are actively participating in great things!! And we are being asked to trust ourselves because we’ve been trained for this, this is what we have been waiting for, for eons. Now is the time to ask your guides what you need to do to fulfill your missions here and to really get things moving. We must support each other, and know that I send all of you healing and protective light EVERYDAY To all starseeds and soul family. I send you light through the grids and send light to the planet. The time has come for us to really be active and proud and to hold our light, don’t let anyone make you go into fear based thinking. Be proud. Stand your ground. It is about to get real.  ❤


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