Starseed Guidance December 15th 2015

Many of us are being activated more intensely lately. Yesterday I had a full on energetic download that I had to just open up and let it flow through me and ground into the planet. I receive these every now and then, and it’s usually in a time of intense energy coming to the planet at special gateways. I have felt this 1212 Portal energy very intensely, and I’ve been spiritually high just living and loving in the light. It has been really great. I usually have very high highs and pretty low lows. It’s like a wild rollercoaster sometimes, but each time I come out stronger. I received some Information in my reading today about The Female gateway, the Seed of Life geometry, and Cosmic Midwifery from the Arcturians. These tell me of us being rebirthed into the new. We are all taking part in this plan, and we must all release the lower vibrations, blocks, or illusions that we have within our being. We must make a special space for our higher self to be able to anchor more easily. And in this we will be Reborn. The fairys are telling me to work with water, so heal yourself by taking salt baths, blessing your water, and just imagining it flowing as liquid light into your bodies.


Know that we are in a very sacred “time” frame, and we are all doing great work, even if you don’t consciously understand what your mission is, you are assisting. We are doing some great things my friends! And it’s time to be excited about it, and let things just flow naturally, as with all natural things, all is well, and all is as it should be.

If you are seeking more in depth healing or information from your guides check out my readings tab and I am glad to assist you in your soul journey.



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