The Treasure Hunt of Life

It is simply amazing to watch as things unfold. For many years I was living a very unconscious life, and becoming a Mother brought me to a new path. I began to awaken to these other realities, these other parts of me that I had forgotten all about. It is so much fun to try and put all the little pieces of the puzzle together. I fully resonate with Bashar’s Teachings of “Following your Excitement!” And I try to live by that as much as possible. My excitement usually brings me to channeling light beings, and doing healing for the planet and her inhabitants, playing with tarot and oracle cards. I really enjoy to live in a pretty spiritually focused lifestyle. I wasn’t always like this, and for a long time I was cut off from all of this by my own belief systems that were set in place. I really enjoy to see the more magical side of life, and to see that there really is a reason for everything. Even those “bad parts” are gifts for us to learn and grow from. I have had to step forward into the unknown and really far out of my comfort zone on this path. Talking to people about Extraterrestrials and Angels isn’t something I would have ever thought would be a focus in my life. But here I am, and I am aware that many would say I’m unwell, but I’ve never felt better in my entire life! I have such curiosity about my own self, my own soul, and I have followed this path to this point to where I just enjoy watching things align, watching how everything has a message for me. Keeping my connection to  the source very pure and strong, working with these magical beautiful light beings who are also are equals. It really puts things into perspective, that we are a part of something so vast and beautiful that we can’t even handle all of that awareness in this form. We can’t see all of our greatness because it is so GREAT and we can only comprehend so much of this great light, that we are. We have to use symbols and stories about angels to even try to understand these other aspects of our selves. When you ask the Angels and ETs they will tell you, you are like us, we are the same. We are both needed in the bigger picture, we each have a  special role to play here, but all are important. That is something that keeps me going each day, and keeps me excited about the future and my service here. I can see how we are all really just playing our part in this universe until we can understand more, from a new perspective, it’s just up to us to integrate and form new neural pathways between our neurons, to make it so that we can adjust and evolve with ease and grace. We must go at the pace that is right for us, so we can’t receive all of the information at once. We must follow the flow, and allow it to unfold as it is meant to be.  Many of us are stepping fully into our Multidimensional awareness. I am very aware of the other lives I am living along with this one. I feel such a bond with these other aspects of myself and when I go visit these other lives in my dreams I don’t want to leave, it also feels so comfortable like home. This is the kind of stuff I love to learn about, my own soul, my own missions here, and watching it all unfold as I take leaps of faith into the unknown. That is what I love to experience, just the natural unfoldment and the process that we go through during our soul evolution.


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