Remembering “Past” Lives

I’ve known for a while now that I have a lifetime where I lived as a Medicine Woman in an Inuit Tribe. It was cold and life was hard and I have had visions during a spirit quest of myself as a Healer, dancing around the fire like a bird. I have done some research on this culture, and a lot of things align for me. I carry my own child in the traditional Inuit style, on my back. I’ve felt very connected to this type of culture.

So, when I heard this Inuit fishing song my heart skips a beat. For some reason I am deeply touched by this song. I have never heard it before, and had no idea of the connection until I dove deeper and really asked myself why it was filling me with such emotion.


I received, “This is reminding you of that Inuit life you have.” I begin to remember, and to feel that deja vu feeling, of having been here before. I remember. I remember myself. And I am connecting with this aspect of myself more and more. As I have received more and more information, I realize how powerful this is to be in tune with my other lifetimes, and how valuable this information can be. I’m grateful for all of my experiences, and how the guides are forever leading me on this treasure hunt.


I’ve been having some wild dreams and have trouble believing they are less real than my physical day to day life. When I receive information through dreams, it is so heartfelt and magical that there is no denying it. I have recently began bringing in more and more info to my conscious mind from the subconscious depths. My dream life has always been my special place. I go there to rest, to recharge, to learn and grow. I LOVE  to sleep. I don’t get a lot of it as a very busy Mother. I am so grateful for my rest, and it is a place that I can actually put my focus fully on my spiritual missions here. I get more done in one night of sleeping than in a whole week awake. I feel so great waking up knowing that I have been doing some special missions to help humanity and the planet.

I began to ramble, but I would like to share my experiences, so that maybe others recognize when they are connecting with other “selves” or lifetimes of theirs.



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