My Essassani Self


Some of you already know this consciously, some may not have any idea. But I have a very special mission here involving working with the Hybrid Children (ET/Human). I am helping to bring their energy into the planet by being open and channeling my own hybrid children and being one of many who welcome their energy here when they come. We are the welcoming committee if you will for them. We are already bonding with the children so that we are more comfortable working with their energy. This is an aspect of myself that came to me in a healing session when connecting with my “future” self. The Essassani are a hybrid race, some of you may be familiar with Bashar’s teachings. Bashar is a part of this species that was created through merging Our “Human” DNA Which in reality is very Alien already, with the Zeta Reticuli beings in order for us to help each other out in our evolution as a species. These are very loving beings, and they are OUR teachers believe it or not. They are here to show us the future available to us when we integrate all of our aspects and decide to live in our full joy and excitement. For anyone curious on learning more about the hybrid children or if you feel like you may be a parent, visit WWW.HYBRIDCHILDRENCOMMUNITY.COM for more information. Many of you are also parents of these miraculous beings, when the time is right for you, things will all be revealed to you. Our guides and Star family work with us at a pace that is individual to each of us. Many of us are the wayshowers, the forerunners bringing in this new energy and assisting humanity to be able to handle this very high energy when they are ready for it. For me, contact has already began and I work very closely with many galactic, angelic, elemental beings. This is my reality, it isn’t for everyone, I don’t wish to scare people or to make people believe what I do, but I am here to share my own truth in hopes to inspire you all to live in your own light and find your own truths. To me we are all the ONE BEING, Only expressing itself from MANY different directions or “channels” if you will. We all flavor our own truths with our own life experiences and beliefs so we all have a unique story. Everyones truth is valid, all that matters is what you believe in your heart. So if you don’t resonate with my story, that is wonderful I just hope to encourage others to be curious, and to PLAY! This will open up so many new doors and perceptions for you!!


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