My Ormus Experience

Many starseeds are curious about this product, so I’m going to offer my own experience in hopes of inspiring you to do your research and try new things.


Many of us are mineral deficient in many areas due to farmers using agriculture method that is based on growing crops with the minimum of three elements, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. We develop structural mineral deficiency and then ingest toxins which disrupts hormonal and nervous systems, many people experience sickness because of this.

Ormus is Life Energy can be used on humans, animals, and crops and is needed to counter balance the death energy we are exposed to through our food, GMOs, Drinking water, Medicines, Electromagnetic Fields, and Radiation. This energy keeps us dumb, sick, and distracted. Ormus gives you trillions of monatomic elements connecting you to your subtle energy body restoring the proper flows of life- force energy to the physical body. It helps to bring the body back into ease from dis-ease and provides the correct energetic template for correct future cellular regeneration.

As a healer, I have worked very hard to focus on self healing and working through my own personal issues so that I can serve the whole more effectively. I am trying to undo years of damage to my cells from having a very toxic lifestyle. Ormus has been very helpful in my own life. I’ve felt much healthier physically, mentally, spiritually, and mainly energetically. I feel like my light body is turned on and I am much more easily connecting with my guides and able to access altered states of consciousness. I take One teaspoon with water daily, and have noticed great benefits from using it. I’ve found it much easier to meditate and remain at a centered space. Since I have had recent energetic upgrades, I am trying to recharge myself as best possible. I’ve noticed a big change in my channeling abilities and being very in tune with my higher self at all times. I have been able to sense my guides much more easily. I am opening up to new beings and other aspects of self regularly. I feel like my energy field is just much more clear and crisp and aligned. If you are curious about trying out Ormus, Just try it out, you may feel better taking it. I don’t feel everyone has to go out and use this product, but that many people who are focused on bringing forth the Ascension may be interested in trying it. Those of us who are working with energy in channeling or energy healing could really benefit.

I got my Royal  Elixer Ormus at the following Etsy Shop. Very high quality.

Royal Ormus Etsy Shop.











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