December 3rd 2015 Oracle Reading

Many of us are experiencing challenges at this time, so I would like to offer some support by doing an Oracle Reading:

I want to mention that It is a great idea to stay off of social media and the mainstream news at this time. Yes there is a lot going on, but you don’t have to participate in the negativity, you can focus on your own shining heart space and keep yourself at the vibration that is best for you at this time, which is that of pure divine love.


Past- The Well Watcher: This card tells us we have been called to go within an contemplate the true source of Power in the world, this card reminds us, that it is that of the Divine. You are being called to the well. You will know the way forward by listening to your inner voice and trust that Source is sending others to guide you.


Present- The Cosmos: This card represents Creativity, in all forms. and this is a sign to place your attention on creative projects, they will be successful. This is the time to dream and envision the reality that you want to create. In bringing forth your highest guidance and wisdom you will help create a new world for others as well.  This card reminds us of our vastness, our eternal souls, and that this experience of living a mortal life will soon be over and we will return to the vastness of spirit. There is an energetic exchange between us all, and this is influencing us now. This teaches us that every intention we set, every action we make is in fact, contagious. It is being slipped into the collective unconscious/conscious and is assisting in bringing forth the evolution we all so desperately need. We’re entangled at our deepest energetic place, so we can’t help but have an effect on others. Make sure it is a positive loving one. Be mindful of your inner thoughts and desires as you create, both are influencing your outer world.


Future- The Winged Wise Ones: This card is pretty self explanatory, we are being assisted by the Angels. We are aligning to Divine Will.  Divine Intervention. Potential of Miracles. Have faith because the future has endless possibilities and it’s time to focus on your soul purpose now to bring in the highest possible outcome into your future world. Remember the higher consciousness, WITHIN YOU..It is leading you along this path in every moment. Listen to your intuition, and follow through on your guidance you receive.



Many of us feel triggered, we feel the darkness consuming us, but we can take that energy and turn it around and make it work FOR US rather than Against us. We can us this time to really test ourselves, and to become greater than ever before. Do things that bring you joy, and contentment. Focus within instead of Outside of yourself. Keep yourself as pure and clear as possible by daily healing sessions, cleansing your aura, and setting up special divine shields of light around your energetic field. Now is the time you are being called to really step into your soul purpose here. It’s time to really anchor your multidimensional selves into this experience. Open yourself up to learning about other aspects of you that are wiser and more experienced in ascension. Open up to the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, The Angels, And know that there is a part of you that deeply resonates with these energies because you are them and they are you. Its time to merge your experiences and to use that wisdom to navigate the end of the 3D World and move into the beginning of your 5D Experience.

Wish you all many Blessings and Ask that Archangel Michael surround you all with a special blue shield of light. ❤ And so it is, it is done

For those seeking more guidance, visit my “Readings” tab for a personal in depth channeled reading.





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