Birthing New Earth Part 3 and Meditation Downloads @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Source: Birthing New Earth Part 3 and Meditation Downloads @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Dream of the Ring of Ascension

Many of us who  resonate with the Arcturians are familiar with many of their technologies and different healing methods. One that David K Miller often mentions in his books is the Ring of Ascension. This ring is where the masters reside, they are there sending loving thought forms to earth and assisting us in our Ascension. The Ring of Ascension is like the ring around Saturn, it can change and mold and is interactive with earth. Sometimes we go there for healing and to do missions. This is something I use a lot in my planetary healing meditations. So last night I had a dream that the Ring of Ascension is twisting into….A DOUBLE HELIX!!! And that it is lowering into the earth now. This feels like a really big deal to me, and When I awoke the vision almost faded away from me because I was so emotionally excited about seeing it! This means BIG STUFF IS HAPPENING. The ring of ascension has very high frequency energies and many beings work with this technology to assist us, and now it feels that its finally more within reach for even the average human to connect to and receive healing and guidance from. I feel like many of us are being pushed to our limits right now. We are having to step out into the unknown, and for myself, it is scary as fuck. But I do trust the divine process, the bigger picture and my guides through this process. So I say BRING IT ON. LETS DO THIS. LETS DO WHATEVER IS NEEDED NOW. I am aligned to the divine plan, and I trust all will unfold according to it.


Dream Journal- Titan & Nomadic Ape People

Lots of buzzing at night last night, my whole body was very energized and I could even see it vibrating. I had two dreams that stood out to me so I wanted to share them on here for my own remembering and in case its validation for others.

The first one is where I was with a group of people we were supposed to be getting rid of this “guy” I can only describe him as he looked like a” Titan” from the movies. He was really chaotic and crazy, he looked like some kind of voo doo doctor I don’t know how else to describe him. We gave him a piece of paper, and then we placed his “essence” into water and then drank him. We transmuted his energy into light.


The second one we were a group of “Nomadic ” monkey people. The Nomadic part just came to me as a message as I awoke.  We were being experimented on. Many of us were very evolved and so we knew how to escape. I had a baby on my hip as I tried to escape. I had to run through a lot of barriers, doors, and traps to get out. I finally got outside and then was free.


Wild adventures during dream time lately, I fully believe in my dreams, I believe these other parts of me that I am shown are real, and happening all in this now moment.


Healing for Soul Family

I can feel the anticipation of each and everyone of us as we all are being re-connected in the physical. I feel that our connections are what is assisting in bringing forth the higher dimensional light and as we connect we can help to anchor this light into the planet.


If you are feeling the changes happening, you are very aware of how intense it has been, leading up to Christmas and the new year has been a bit hectic and confusing. I feel we must shed all that no longer serves us and to cleanse ourselves from the past as we move forward into a new year filled with miracles.


This transmission will assist you to connecting with your soul family members here on the planet, either energetically or physically, and help cleanse your beautiful light body and prepare it for ascension.


Dream Journal- The Annunaki and Portal

Last night many things happened, I couldn’t recall all of it when I woke up but I awoke to the word “Annunaki” Which is odd for me, I usually don’t get that kind of stuff so I thought maybe its just this dense energy passing through.

Then I remembered the doors, which I think represented a “portal” of some sort, no idea where to. All I know is myself and two other “beings” were standing guard over this giant door. This door had many doors on it, made of what looked like different materials. We were in charge of closing this portal and keeping it guarded. I really felt like this was an important task and when I remember other parts of the dream it jumped around but I do remember something about some men in business suits and maybe a sewing machine. Haha I have no idea. But In hindsight I now see maybe I was closing up a portal that some beings or energies were trying to get through last night. I don’t usually share anything that could cause fear to others, but I really do feel like the Annunaki were involved. Many people believe these beings or energies to have came to Earth a long time ago and mutated the human DNA that was here, to form slaves. So I do watch Ancient Aliens, I do believe this did happen in our ancient history, and I do believe I play a huge part in righting this wrong. I feel many of us are doing these kinds of missions right now and we just can’t remember it consciously due to our human compartmentalized consciousness. When something is too intense for us, could cause shock or trauma, our conscious minds file this experience away from our conscious knowing. The memory is just erased like it has faded into the clouds. This is why many don’t consciously remember ET contact and visitations from their guides and star family. Our brains can’t file it as something familiar, the energy that comes with an ET contact is so foreign to humans we go to fear and have traumatic experiences sometimes from our own fear being reflected back to us. So if you are having weird dreams or receiving guidance similar I would love to hear about them. This is an important part in our ascension process, is to break through the layers between our conscious mind and unconscious mind and to allow them to merge into a multidimensional awareness.