Intuitive Feelings November 21 2015

I feel many of us are going through the last bits of cleansing and clearing and that we are all receiving upgrades constantly. Right now feels like things are on the verge of shifting for us in many different areas on Earth. I can feel the bubbling up of energies, and I also feel the very loving energies being sent to us from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and those from the Angelic Realms. I feel we have moved into a new window or portal and the energy just feels much more crisp but is constantly flowing and changing according to our own vibration. I have reaffirmed that I am going to stay here and hold the Light for Mother Earth and I am here in service to the planet & humanity. I am ready to finish my missions and follow the Divine Will. Right now it’s very important for us to continue to manifest Love and the Highest Vibration possible so that we can bring in the New Earth, It is up to us to anchor in these light codes, so I am ready to go, just listening for the call. I know many of you all are feeling changes and your intuition is on point, something big is coming and to be prepared involves being able to hold very high frequencies in your physical body. So it is time to continue practicing  holding this higher dimensional light.  I feel we will all just know when the time comes. We are all so interlinked and connected not only through the internet but telepathically. If we need support, call on all soul family to assist. We can support each other on the other side. Keep your center and only focus on your own thoughts and heart. Keep yourself positive and light. ❤ We are already doing it


1111 Portal Meditation

When I sat down to create this I didn’t really know what was going to come out, I figured I would just do a quick meditation with light language, but it turns out it was already super powerful enough without the light language at the end, and it cuts off. (My guides have a way of helping me out in this way). So I feel like this time is super potent with the 1111 Gateway energy and it’s going to bring great changes to us all. I myself have felt big shifts personally in my awareness and my perception of everything in my reality. I will continue to try my best to put out material that helps support Starseeds as they awaken and support them on their missions. Many Blessings to all Soul Family ❤ Now is the time to step out of the boxes and truly shine our light without restrictions. Here is the Meditation, I hope it helps us all connect in Unity and really strengthen our power. You can listen to it anytime, but 11/11 at 11 AM would provide the most benefit. I myself everyday connect with the Unity grid and every other Starseed here energetically and send every Starseed soul my love and blessings. We are so connected, and we can really assist each other with our connections. Sending loving energy to one another is helping to skyrocket our evolution.