Pressure to Be Perfect as Lightworkers


Activations for Starseeds

As many know, I offer Activations for Starseeds through the medium of Light Language. These are awesome for those awakening starseeds who need that extra boost in their spiritual journey. I want to share my own interpretations of DNA Activations. For me, I truly enjoy channeling Light Language with my voice, and when I do these transmissions they are activating me on many levels. When someone else listens to Light Language it will also activate them at a level that is perfect for that individual soul. This is why I love Light Language it is so helpful on all levels no matter if you are a beginner on your journey or you are fully awakened. What I would like to mention, is that in just doing things you enjoy, you are also activating yourself. When you follow your excitement and joy you are opening yourself up more fully to the most awakened being you can be. If you just follow your heart, you will continue to activate naturally. Some souls wish to accelerate the awakening process, and this is why I offer activations, for these souls who want to rapidly raise their consciousness and really step into their personal power. Starseeds all have special times to awaken and their galactic council is overseeing the whole process. Many of us are impatient and want to move forward as fast as we can so that we can assist others with our healing gifts and raise the frequency so we can ascend and move on. Now is a very special time and we have a greater access to the universal consciousness, we are speaking with mother earth more easily, and we are opened up to many channels that we can use for personal and planetary healing. I myself am trying to rapidly move forward on my spiritual journey, I take it pretty seriously to tune in each day and do self healing. For anyone interested in really assisting humanity and mother earth in ascending, begin with following your own passions, these will lead you towards being fully activated so that you can really be of service to the planet and all inhabitants. For those who choose to take the fast road towards ascension, I offer activations of Light Language transmissions that are specific for you and your awareness level. These are audio files that can be played anytime you wish to receive a boost of 5th dimensional light and healing. Check out my website under the file Light Language Activations for more information, and I also offer Starseed Activations which includes a reading along with a Light Language activation for those seeking more information about their galactic heritage and karma they are working on in this lifetime.