Third Eye Clearing Light Language Sign


One thought on “Third Eye Clearing Light Language Sign

  1. peacenowflower says:

    I purposely do not clear out my third eye, as I was diagnosed Schizoaffective. It might be linked to my thyroid. However, if I ever start having visions or hearing things, I need to report to my psychiatrist. Having a clear third eye would equal more medication for me. I already had a hard enough time separating intuitively speaking to aliens/angels/guides from my illness. I think all of the above understand that actually hearing their voice would be bad.
    So I am very blocked, and plan to stay that way until I am confidant it is psychic ability and not my illness.

    Really I am going to ask for help going off medication to see if I can survive without it now that my thyroid is balanced. If I start hearing/seeing at that point, I will have to report it. My psychiatrist has agreed to let me see if it was all linked to my thyroid, but that was before I told him about my ability to have sex with spirits. (Which I have had all my life, even before mental illness.)


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