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Empowering The Divine Feminine – Truths for Women-


This blog is for the females, now is the time to step into your personal power, something that has been taken from you for a very long time. There are a few things that have been on my mind for some time that I feel need to be addressed globally, and although I have a small following I feel guided to speak about it.  For a long time the feminine energy has been tainted and turned into a perverted aspect that has been dominated by the male energy. This can be seen in many different areas of society, I would like to address just a few that I feel women need to be aware of and I ask that each of you women reading this take the time to nurture yourself naturally, and to try to really honor the divine within you.This is not to scare you, this is to make you aware that you have other choices.

The Bra- This entrapment device not only can cause cancer when worn for long periods of time, but it also cuts off the natural flow of vital life force energy from rising up into the heart chakra and out of the crown chakra.  Society has made women ashamed of their natural breasts by forcing them to feel the need to have giant perky breasts even if it costs them surgery with unhealthy substances in their bodies. I understand not everyone can go without a bra, but I encourage you all to take breaks from wearing this device and to not wear it constantly as it can cause you major health issues.

Tampons and Pads- These products are bleached and can cause many issues for us. This burns the nerves and numbs the vagina so that women have difficulty reaching orgasm, and dries out the vagina so that sex is uncomfortable.  These products are marketed to hide our natural moon cycle from society, and make you feel ashamed of your natural cycle. The time of a women’s moon cycle is a very special time of strengthened intuition and in many cultures the women are honored at this sacred time as they focus on connecting with the higher realms for guidance for their tribe. Research the Diva Cup or the Lady Cup these are great alternatives to these barbaric solutions that society has pushed onto us.

Hormonal Birth control- These cause women’s natural hormone balance to go completely irregular causing a women to not understand her own cycle, making her feel like she is not in control of her fertility. There are natural methods that can be used and have been used since ancient times to keep track of your fertility. There is a great book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility that can help you if you are interested in more information. The hormones cause females to have mood swings and become irrational in many areas, this is why society has deemed the women as “too emotional” Because when you pump your body full of hormones it can cause chaotic feelings to erupt and you never know what will happen when you put these into your body.

Chemicals- As women society preys on our low self confidence and sells us make up and beauty products that ruin our natural protective covering, our skin. Many years of toxic use can create health issues and wear down our immunity slowly. The media and movies tell women they need to be covered up, to look flawless, and to look perfect at every moment. This not only ruins our self esteem but continues a cycle of low self worth and we succumb to these products to feel good enough in a society that expects us to be like the cover of a magazine.

Porn- This perverts the natural feminine energy and gives men a distorted image of what true  feminine energy is. This teaches men that they need to dominate their women and the porn stars are unrealistic with their shaved body hair and surgically altered bodies. Young men become obsessed with this and then expect their women to be the same in the bedroom, this causes extremely unbalanced sexual experiences and heartache in relationships. Porn teaches that the man ejaculating is the most important thing in a sexual encounter, rather than a balanced pleasure activity for both parties. Porn also teaches men it is okay to rape and abuse women and this is why society doesn’t bat an eye to rape when it happens in real life. This also teaches men that women reach orgasm quickly, and the truth is we need a lot of time to fully reach our potential. So many men try to hurry women up to orgasm and its extremely frustrating for many couples. Tantra is a practice that honors both the masculine and the feminine if you are looking for more balance in your sex life do some research and practice deep belly breathing before and during sex.

Birth and Maternity- The medical industry has infiltrated the natural process of birth fully. This has caused great harm in our society. Not only do they go against everything natural, they are killing these women. Many women a year die from childbirth, and that is in a hospital. In other countries the birth death rates of women are not as high as the united states. In ancient times women used to give birth naturally in the woods and the rate of death wasn’t this high. The  amount of chemicals used in modern birthing rooms is disgusting and many of us have to do our own research to find out about natural methods.  The rate of C-sections has skyrocketed and this causes many children to be born without a perfect immune system and then these children are pumped full of vaccines  disrupting the natural gut balance they should have had from going through the birth canal. If you are able to, do your research, and don’t just trust your doctor to make decisions for you, because it will not be for your best interest or your child’s. Research Doulas and Midwives to see what natural options there are for you. Your body can give birth on its own, its completely capable. Hospitals support the formula companies by offering this instead of teaching new mothers how to nurse correctly. So many women feel frustrated with breastfeeding and give up early because they don’t have the correct information. When a child doesn’t receive natural breastmilk is can cause so many problems and formula has a lot of chemicals that are not for your child’s best interest. Do your research on vaccines and formula before bringing your baby into this world.

Products that cause women pain and suffering- Thongs, Bras, High Heels, Chemical products, Hair removal techniques, the list goes on and on for many years women have been made to suffer alone without a voice standing up for them.

We are taught to be ashamed of being emotional, we are forced to care for the children alone, we are supposed to have our natural menstrual cycles alone away from society. It’s time to stand up and rise again for the feminine energy has been suppressed for far too long. If you can focus on nurturing this energy and allowing it to grow within you, it will help in this energy growing collectively. Be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you “that’s just the way it is” because it’s now time to change and honor yourselves as divine beings. You are divine just the way you are, you were divine when you were born naked and natural. Practice loving yourself for who you are. This is the most powerful form of rioting you can do. LOVE YOURSELF IN EVERY ASPECT. LOVE YOURSELF BEYOND WHAT SOCIETY THINKS OF YOU. LOVE YOURSELF BEYOND LIMITS.