Raising the New Generation

Encounters of a Star Girl

I’ve been guided to do some posts on the spiritually gifted children who are incarnating to the planet. I may do a more in depth post in the future, but for now I want to share a few important things to keep in mind when nurturing the indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. I personally have  a beautiful son who is very special in many ways and a lot of these things I’ve had to learn the hard way. In no particular order I have a few ideas to help your child feel nurtured and loved along with keeping them safe from certain hazards or situations.

  • Nurture their individuality. Teach them that it’s amazing to be different, and to be proud of standing out in the crowd.
  • Feed them healthy organic foods with little processed foods and sugars. Give them plenty of fresh NON- FLOURIDE spring water.
  • Trust them, they can…

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