Energetically Cleansing Your Space

For those seeking to cleanse their space.

Encounters of a Star Girl

I’ve had a lot of people having trouble with lower energies or funky stagnant energies in their spaces. This is something that I don’t take lightly, clearing a space is a very serious thing and should be done with respect and centeredness. Know that if you raise your vibration to a very high frequency, lower energies can’t penetrate your light. It’s important to ALWAYS CALL IN A VERY HIGH VIBRATIONAL ENERGY Such as an Archangel or Christ Consciousness. Archangel Michael and Ascended Master St. Germain are great choices, but any high vibrational being will be enough protection for you. Also, it’s important to center yourself and fill your heart with love and imagine a bubble of white light around you while doing any energy clearing. Here are a few steps I do personally to cleanse a space:

  1. Center myself and fill my heart with light-love and imagine a white light bubble…

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