Card of The Day For August 12th 2015


The Lady of Lightning

This card brings us powerful forces of change into our lives. She tells us to expect sudden shifts in circumstances. Bringing forth many synchronicities and “aha!” moments. I have felt sudden leaps in consciousness collectively this week, and I feel it’s only just begun. We are being rebirthed, like the phoenix we are rising again. Our guides are pushing us out of our comfort zones, to show us how powerful we truly are. These changes will hit us like lightning, suddenly and with a lot of energy. We are also being upgraded constantly so that we can hold higher vibrations, brighter light, and a greater awareness. Now is not the time to resist the change, as it is inevitable and will help us to grow and evolve further into our full power. Great things are happening, and although it may be shocking and sudden, flow with the process and allow the universe to work through you rather than resist.Just like a storm, it is intense when it is happening, but after it passes consider how beautiful and charged with electricity the world is afterwards. Now is the time to wait out the storm, relax, and let go of control. Many new opportunities are coming and it’s going to be a total paradigm shift! If you are overwhelmed by change, ask your angels and guides to help you through this phase.


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