August Energy Update 2015

AUGUST 2015  

 As we continue on this wild ride towards Ascension, Starseeds are really feeling the shifts intensely. Some of you have mentioned having migraines, heart palpitations, body buzzing, and many other unique symptoms. It sure has been intense, and the Blue Moon is really going to kick things into high gear. We are now on an accelerated Ascension timeline. Things are going to continue to happen fast, and we must trust our inner voice this month. We may be getting reassigned to different missions here, as we shift in vibration, we are able to handle more intense and important jobs here on Earth. Know that you will be divinely guided by your higher self through all of these changes. I have felt immense clearing happening collectively, we are really moving through all the “stuff” personally, and that is helping the collective. Those people who aren’t ready to ascend are still allowed to live their lives in peace, and some of us in the first wave are feeling things so intensely that we may be jealous of those still sleeping. Know that everyone has their own journey, and those who have elected to come here and were chosen by their people are greatly honored in the higher realms. It takes great courage to do this lightwork on a planet so filled with darkness and confusion, especially to do this work blind and in amnesia. Give yourselves a pat on the back, for you have just entered into a new gateway, one that will give you many blessings in the future. We have arrived my friends to a new phase, and it is now time for some things to shift and change. Some of us will be guided to start new projects, or to work with different people, and that is okay, change is inevitable, and it’s a big piece of the ascension process. We are here to make many changes and they all begin personally.  We are currently working on the cosmic karma that many Pleiadian souls helped to create in ancient times. Many of us starseeds still carry this karmic pattern into our Earth life, and it’s important that we work on this now. This pattern is that of guilt, The pleiadians chose to step in and try to help others, and in doing so created a karmic debt that we all are still paying the price for. In the ancient days, well intentioned actions by the Pleiadians ended up causing a whole planet to be destroyed. Since that time, they have held tremendous grief and guilt as a species. They have healed a lot since then, but many humans still carry these patterns. Look deeply at the things in your life that bring you guilt. The wisdom you have now can create compassion in your heart. Let your compassion flood the wounded part of you that is connected to this karma and let yourself heal. It’s not necessary to feel guilty of your choices dear souls. All of your choices have brought you to the place of now, and all were important lessons for you to learn and grow from. All is forgiven by the universe, now you must forgive yourself. Don’t let guilt keep you from living a full life filled with joy and love. We are all deserving of love and to live guilt free. It’s not selfish for you to accept love, religions often play on this human condition of guilt, and by reinforcing, some religions can keep humans under control and believing in the way of the religion is the only way to solve that guilty feeling. But the truth is that we have all fragmented from the Source, and underlying all the physical lives we may have had in countless star systems, we are equal in the eyes of the Creator. This time is transformational for us as a species, and it’s time to forgive yourself so that you can move forward on your spiritual journey. You deserve to feel love, abundance, joy, and happiness RIGHT NOW. Learn from our Pleiadian ancestors’ suffering, and learn the valuable lessons that they learned from it. This is a gift to all of humanity.  Another cosmic karmic debt that humans carry that needs to be released and healed now, is that of Abandonment. This is one of the main issues we need to clear at this time. When the Star Beings left Earth in the ancient days, the pain of that departure left humanity with scars of abandonment. Humanity felt as if it had no role models to guide it. Along with that abandonment we experienced anger, sadness, and self-pity. As we remember our place in the Universe, we realize that these wounds can be healed. It’s time to remember the fundamental truth that you are never alone dear children. This karma also goes way back to the first fragmentation from Source, in the first separation. In a sense this is what is driving us back to Source, back to wholeness and reintegration. This is the original wound and we all have this karma that needs to be healed. These are wounds that we must consciously work on healing. During the month of August we are being asked to allow these karmic challenges to be released, and for us to let go and allow. We may have some issues rise to the surface when we are releasing these energies, and it’s important to accept this with love. Using the violet flame energies will be very helpful this month, it’s as simple as visualizing the purple flame. If you need extra support with this energy, call upon Ascended Master, St. Germaine to aid you in bringing in this powerful energy to transmute all imbalances and to help you clear this great karmic debt energy as it arises. It’s important to continue to be gentle to self, and live as naturally as possible. Focus on what feels good, and continue to do that. There is a balance to this process, and we must ground ourselves as we receive more and more intense and concentrated energies. Spending time in nature this month will help in many ways to give you healing and inner peace. Some helpful tips to remember this month…

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Make sure you are getting enough Magnesium, if not research Magnesium Oil
  • Use the Sun to help recharge your energy levels
  • Allow the Nature Kingdoms to Heal you when you feel overwhelmed with buzzing and upgrades
  • Limit electronics and EMFs to a minimum
  • Set aside at least 20 minutes a day to recharge, relax, and find your center
  • Exercise and keep your body moving in a healthy way
  • Be aware of what you put into and on your body, we are becoming more sensitive to toxins and pesticides
  • Use affirmations to keep you on the timeline/path that you wish to be on
  • Focus on the positive, because you are a giant magnet and you attract your thoughts to you in a big way this month
  • Take sea salt/ Epsom salt baths to help detox and integrate the energies
  • Being in water is very helpful when you’re receiving upgrades, so taking more baths and showers or swimming is powerful healing
  • Listen to your Inner voice, the voice of the higher self. TRUST IT. FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR GUIDANCE.
  • Take it easy, we’re going to have some extreme upgrades this month, and you’re only going to make things worse if you stress and freak out

Remember, we’re all in this together, so support each other. WE ARE ONE ❤
Sending you many blessings, may you keep your center as the storm arises around you. – Ahriellia
Stay Tuned for  Upcoming Live Energy Healing TeleSummit!! I am working with another powerful lightworker in setting up a really amazing group healing and we will talk about starseeds, light language, and other out of this world information!! Including a special package deal for Starseeds including 5 of my services, some that are not offered on my website and will be special for this project.

Many Blessings to you!


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