Emerge! Thrive! Prosper! Telesummit Appearance

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Encounters of a Star Girl

I’ve been working behind the scenes putting together some amazing offerings for you guys! Very soon I will be appearing on the Emerge! Thrive! Prosper Telesummit, a show that features top of the line Healers and Lightworkers that offer their service to the light. I will be interviewed by the Amazing Sonja Evans, You can sign up for FREE at this link http://emergethriveprosper.com/sign-up-today/

A special package that I will offer to listeners will include special offerings that I haven’t offered ever before on my website or anywhere else! Sign up to receive information and details about upcoming shows!

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Earth Day Meditation

Encounters of a Star Girl

Mother Earth has sustained you and nourished you for many lifetimes. She deserves much more than one day a year where people decide to plant a tree, although I feel Earth day is helpful to make people remember her. I send her love and healing EVERYDAY and EVERY WEEK. It is my way of sending her grateful love and healing. Humans have polluted her in many ways for a very long time, even before we had smog and automobiles, we were still polluting her with negative thought forms and emotions that we didn’t know how to balance. So make it a daily thing to send her some love, she has been through a lot and anytime is always a great time to send her some healing.

You can do this meditation ANYTIME. But I am posting this for those who may want to do something special for her on Earth Day.

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Creating Your own Reality

Encounters of a Star Girl

“You create your reality”

Something you hear a lot when reading spiritual books or listening to new age radio shows. But what does it really mean? It means to create your own experience with your thoughts! Your thoughts are very powerful and you have been led to believe they are not the magical key to all your hearts desires. What happens within you, will present itself without you, or within your experience. We all live in our own little bubbles that intersect one another and we have been led to believe that there is one true reality. That is false, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to how many realities exist! Your thoughts are unlimited, and you can create whatever you want by just setting intentions and letting the Universe flow with you using the law of attraction. To begin creating your own reality, start to pay attention to…

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God/Goddess/Energy/Love is a Super Computer


To say that I believe in everything might be really aggravating if you have strong beliefs about what you think you know and if you were raised religious and/or  if you are a staunch atheist and believe all of it or none of it is real. Maybe you think it’s the byproduct of an overactive imagination, but I can assure you this is not the case.

My beliefs are based on an out of body shamanic journey I experienced back in 2003 when I left my body and saw myself as a particle of light. I saw my aunt that  had passed away less than a year prior  to this experience as a body of light as well. I had a very hard time with her death, it was earth shattering literally for me. When this happened  I traveled through different dimensions and I even saw a past life and…

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Unity Through Acceptance

Encounters of a Star Girl


As you move forward on your journey towards ascension, you are asked to accept one another as a family. In reality we are all connected, and although you may feel separate from another, we are indeed one in the higher realms. In the high frequency dimensions, all is love, and all is accepted as love. You have forgotten this truth as you descended down into the Earth Realms for learning and evolution.  Know that when you send love and healing to another, you are in fact healing yourself. When you send pure healing light to Mother Earth, you are healing yourself as well. All is connected, so when you meet another who you feel is not aligned with you vibrationally, know that all is allowed to exist within their frequency. Although this other being isn’t at the same level of self awareness as you are, it doesn’t make you and this being separate…

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Energetically Cleansing Your Space

For those seeking to cleanse their space.

Encounters of a Star Girl

I’ve had a lot of people having trouble with lower energies or funky stagnant energies in their spaces. This is something that I don’t take lightly, clearing a space is a very serious thing and should be done with respect and centeredness. Know that if you raise your vibration to a very high frequency, lower energies can’t penetrate your light. It’s important to ALWAYS CALL IN A VERY HIGH VIBRATIONAL ENERGY Such as an Archangel or Christ Consciousness. Archangel Michael and Ascended Master St. Germain are great choices, but any high vibrational being will be enough protection for you. Also, it’s important to center yourself and fill your heart with love and imagine a bubble of white light around you while doing any energy clearing. Here are a few steps I do personally to cleanse a space:

  1. Center myself and fill my heart with light-love and imagine a white light bubble…

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Raising the New Generation

Encounters of a Star Girl

I’ve been guided to do some posts on the spiritually gifted children who are incarnating to the planet. I may do a more in depth post in the future, but for now I want to share a few important things to keep in mind when nurturing the indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. I personally have  a beautiful son who is very special in many ways and a lot of these things I’ve had to learn the hard way. In no particular order I have a few ideas to help your child feel nurtured and loved along with keeping them safe from certain hazards or situations.

  • Nurture their individuality. Teach them that it’s amazing to be different, and to be proud of standing out in the crowd.
  • Feed them healthy organic foods with little processed foods and sugars. Give them plenty of fresh NON- FLOURIDE spring water.
  • Trust them, they can…

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