Galactic Heritage Reading


We are on the path towards Enlightenment. We are collectively becoming more HUMANE. Becoming more LOVING. I see it in the small acts of kindness everyday, I see it in humans helping other humans. We are shifting and as we continue to shift we are becoming that which we have always dreamed of subconsciously, a better world, a new system, a NEW EARTH. It is happening and I see many awakening each day open to the universal flow, starseeds are fulfilling their missions, we are becoming ONE and awakening to the truth that we are all connected and as we connect further we will continue to become more powerful, more loving, more in the flow of the universe. We are transcending polarity, we are doing what we came here to do, and we have reached a new phase now. This is uncharted territory for us, and little bits are still arising to be transmuted and accepted. It is now time to accept all of YOU, ALL aspects of self. See the UNITY of CREATION in all things. Breathe with Mother Earth and allow yourself to feel her HEART BEATING within you. You are a part of her. And she is a part of you. We all are working together in a magical flow as we take steps to continue on the path to higher consciousness. I feel people are beginning to go within instead of seek for answers outside of themselves. For this truth has always been within you, and only was covered up with dense energies that had accumulated for many many years of being on this planet. As this fog lifts allow yourself to see the future as a bright new light, one that has never been seen before on this planet, one that is filled with a unified consciousness where everyone knows that they are an important piece to the puzzle of ONENESS. ❤ – Ahriellia


Red Tailed Hawk Visit


Meet my friend, the Red Tailed Hawk. She has watched over me for as long as I have living in my home, and she comes to visit often.  She is a guardian, and she is my connection to the spiritual realms. She brings me inspiration when I feel lost. The Red Tailed Hawk can represent grounding and situations that involve the root chakra.

Some more info from on the Animal symbolism of the red tailed hawk:

“The red tail feathers of this hawk are extremely significant as they bring strong power in relation to the first chakra, otherwise known as the root chakra. The first chakra relates to situations and circumstances around family, friends, and community. Here is where our insecurities around being abandoned, outcast, and left alone are held. Here are our worries about being humiliated. To have red feathers at this chakra that is characterized by the color red amplifies the power of this message and demonstrates how integral these hawks can be in helping us work through healing wounds around our sense of belonging in tribes.”

Today, this beautiful creature brings me information on forming my tribe, connecting with other lightworkers, and stepping out into the new. I am continuously being asked to step out of my comfort zone, and to trust that it is all for my highest good and learning. There are new doors opening for me and the red tailed hawk is telling me it’s going to be magical!


Divine Timelines & Sacred Partnerships

It is now a time for us to focus fully on Unconditional Love, and to accept that you will begin to see it in a new way. As you have grown in spiritual and emotional ways, you expand to enhance the lives of those around you. You will begin to fall more in love with yourself, more in love with the process, and more in loving without conditions.  You just exisiting, is loving unconditionally. It is the only truth there really is. As you exist and shine your light on others, you are loving them just as they are. You’ve come into your own and you will now begin to connect more closely with your soul family. These are ancient partnerships. Allow yourself to learn and grow and continue to move forward. Now is the time to focus on what you want to manifest in your new life. Be gentle with yourself and nurture yourself like a child. You are being born anew.


Light Language Song for Light Body Expansion

As we continue to receive intense light codes, it is important for us to allow and flow with this process of expansion. As we gain greater awareness and knowledge it is helpful for us to share our wisdom with others, and I am doing my part in putting out these free videos to help activate others, and do my part in sharing my own wisdom and light.