Unity Through Acceptance


As you move forward on your journey towards ascension, you are asked to accept one another as a family. In reality we are all connected, and although you may feel separate from another, we are indeed one in the higher realms. In the high frequency dimensions, all is love, and all is accepted as love. You have forgotten this truth as you descended down into the Earth Realms for learning and evolution.  Know that when you send love and healing to another, you are in fact healing yourself. When you send pure healing light to Mother Earth, you are healing yourself as well. All is connected, so when you meet another who you feel is not aligned with you vibrationally, know that all is allowed to exist within their frequency. Although this other being isn’t at the same level of self awareness as you are, it doesn’t make you and this being separate. Take this time to try to accept the other being just as they are, in that moment. In doing this, you will release any judgments against them and free yourself from any absorbing of their lower frequency. Imagine yourself within a pure bubble of light and know that in order to be affected by them, you must absorb their energy as your own. As we integrate more fully as light beings, with light bodies, we will realize that all is source, all is needed here, and all experiences are valid. What one judges as darkness may be another’s light. What one finds negative behavior, another finds it to be very positive. Its all about perception and each ones level of awareness that we are all one being, and that collectively our true nature is to be loving, and to be united as one beautiful energy form. Look at your situations and interactions from a different point of view, that view from ones higher self. You will begin to be aware of a new perspective which in fact will raise your vibration even further by remaining in that awareness. Choose to be the forgiving, loving, and accepting beings that you truly are, and forgive others for their confusion. If one is bringing you energies that you find unpleasant, then you have free will to leave the situation at any time, and tell your higher self that you do not want this experience any longer, and that you wish to learn what you can and move on from it. You are not here to be punished dear children, you are here to shine and to awaken to the truth that you have buried deep within you for eons. You are the children of the light, and you are here to exist in joy and happiness, and to reach for your dreams within a dream. Unify Dear Children of The Light.  We bid you farewell, and as always, we leave you with many blessings and ask you to seek the magic within and without. Adonai. – Ahriellia , And The Galactic Council


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