June 2015 Reading

We are entering into a new gateway, we are being given a fresh start after immense clearing to our energetic bodies. Pay attention to your dreams, inspirations, and passions. It’s time to create the reality that you have always wanted. We’re being asked to trust in the divine plan and know that we already have all the guidance and support needed to achieve our highest callings. This is the time to focus on the moment. Live in each moment fully and listen to the universe. Any signs or coincidences set in front of you are messages telling you the way. Pay attention to any numbers you receive, and you can look them up online to receive more information from spirit. We can’t see the big picture, we’re never going to know ALL OF THE ANSWERS. Step into the unknown, even if it’s scary at first, once we know what its like on the other side of this gateway we aren’t going to have any fears whatsoever. It’s time to take action in the direction of your dreams! What have you always wanted in your life, take action in that direction. Take a leap of faith! Do something. Any little thing is helping you on your path, because the inspiration comes in energetically and as we take action it is creating that experience in the physical. Taking action is the first step in the physical to ABUNDANCE. Take some time this month to focus on what you want to create in your experience, and then to move forward. This is a new cycle, a new chance to open your heart and accept all of this unconditional love and abundance being offered to you. BE AWARE. LISTEN. THEN TAKE A STEP. It’s that simple. Wishing you many blessings for the Month of June! Be Empowered. You are so very powerful dear soul!


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