Meditation Tips and Protection Techniques

It’s all very simple, and most magical things are.

1. Practice

2.Breathe naturally in through your nose, out through your mouth.

3.Practice again. and again. and again.

4. Always use protection.

I HIGHLY RECOMEND reading this book by Eric Pepin for more in depth information on meditation.

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3 thoughts on “Meditation Tips and Protection Techniques

  1. peacenowflower says:

    I believe we are safer in the Spirit/Meditation realms then in the Earth ones. Though John Edward equites doing psychic work without protection to going into a bar and having unprotected sex, I do not see this. One of my favorite teachers Kyron says that in the new energy, protection techniques are no longer needed.

    So it is up to you to decide. As everyone creates their own reality, you need to follow the path that resonates with you. My path believes in the benign goodness of the Spirit world to the point that even those who appear scary, are just appearing that way to help you learn. At its core everything is God.

    I believe the story of the Devil is a metaphor for the shadow work of the human. As if everything is God, so are humans. God casts out certain aspects (angels) and locks them away. Yet, in shadow work the gates of hell are opened because God has seen the goodness in what he rejected.

    If this at all fills you with fear, do not listen to me. Continue to cast protection, because if you do not feel safe, you will manifest something to fear. There is nothing to Fear, but Fear itself.

    I do not think that the protection from something like Sage really is from the plant. The Spirit world has decided to respect Sage because it is a clear sign the human feels unsafe. The Spirit world wants you to be able to feel protected, so they will not come to you in evil looking ways then. They know to come only as Love and Light because the human was so afraid as to burn Sage.

    Everything is Divine, and you are protected without even needing to think about it. Your Higher Self is just that powerful along with all its friends (your friends/family have Higher Selves too).


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