Morning Light Meditation

Find a comfortable place and relax with your spine straight.

Imagine a rainbow sphere around your energy field and ask your Angels and Star family to protect you and fill your space with pure love & light.

You can say the following out loud or in your thoughts..

“I now Joyously accept the Mighty God Presence within me. I AM a child of the LIGHT. I Thank the light for Sustaining, protecting, and illuminating me always. I bless the LIGHT. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM. I AM. I AM. I LOVE WITHIN THE LIGHT. I LAUGH WITHIN THE LIGHT. I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE WITHIN THE LIGHT. I ACCEPT ALL HEALING FROM THE LIGHT FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. BLESS THE LIGHT.”

Imagine your heart lighting up like a white flame.

Focus on the flame within your heart center for a few minutes.

Imagine this flame spreading out into your space and surrounding the planet with healing.

Imagine this light going out from the bottom of your spine like roots of a tree and climbing down into the center of Mother Earth.

Stay focused on the center of Mother earth for a few minutes.

Imagine the string of light coming back up from the center of Gaia, back into your heart, and then making the infinity symbol connecting you to the source.
Trail this infinity symbol back down into your heart and then into the center of mother earth again and you can continue this cycle until you feel recalibrated and balanced.

When you feel the time is right bring the light back into your heart center and let it slowly rest within you. Know that this light is always there and it is always protecting you and guiding you. Ask the light in your heart for guidance whenever you need it. You can do this in the morning when you awaken to start your day off living in the light.

Adonai. ❤ Many blessings to all souls.


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