Angel Reading for This Summer

For this summer I feel the starseeds are really awakening and stepping into their power and their soul purpose. It’s a time that everyone will begin to be more open and authentic and helping to inspire other starseeds in this way. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, because this is how your higher self is guiding you. If you feel a sudden urge to do something, do it! Every choice you make is Divine in nature. Everything is Divine. We need to accept this truth.  We have moved forward in our evolution process, and we have worked through our shadows. It is now nothing but light, and each day we will begin to see more magic in our lives this summer. As weather warms up and we are outside more we will ground into Mother Earth and this will help us keep a balance with the incoming energies. Be compassionate to other humans, not everyone is on the same spiritual path, and we must be kind to others that choose not to move forward in their spiritual evolution. We can work together, we support one another, as we are all connected. Every one of us is capable of self healing and self activation. By doing what we enjoy and love, we will activate further. If you can’t afford healing sessions, do them yourself, I am a firm believer that everyone is a healer. Just ask your highest most loving guides and angels to assist you in a meditation telling them you accept the healing. Archangel Michael will help everyone who wants to cut cords and cleanse their energy bodies. You are all capable of working with the angelic realms. Be open to connection and connect with an open heart. ❤


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