Insight For Our Spiritual Evolution May 2015

I’ve connected with spirit to see what we need to work on and what to expect for the Month of May.

The current assessment energetically for our ascension process is that the energy is still very intense and powerful. We are being sent huge quantities of light from the Galactic Central Sun to help purify and cleanse our energy bodies. When you are receiving this light and taking time to integrate it through meditation and self work you may not feel like it’s a big deal. Some people who aren’t aware of the changes happening on our planet at this time may have trouble integrating these large quantities of pure light. In order for us to anchor more light we will have the darkness surface within and around us until we will finally release this and let go of it. For some of us this means to forgive ourselves and others for anything that has happened that we feel “Is not of the light”. Know that everything is light, and that darkness is only an illusion from your limited human perception. Yes there are dark thought forms that humans have created, and a few beings who have tried to stop the ascension process, but for the most part there is only love and light in the universe. Earth is the place where the darkness and light are learning to balance each other out. Even the things you deem as negative must be present within creation so that you can appreciate the positive. The Source, Creator, God- created all of it. There is a balance that is to be found. We just got out of balance on earth and now it is time to anchor the light here because the darkness just got out of control. When you try to “fight” the darkness and to not accept that it has just as big of a part in the universe as the light, you are becoming exactly what you are fighting. Violence is not the answer, acceptance is. Although you feel you are meant to rid the world or darkness, the reality is to find a balance and an agreement between both polarities. It is spiritual law that all beings are allowed to live within their own frequency. If a lightworker chooses to live within a very high frequency and  another being chooses not to live in that same vibration, that is perfectly alright according to Universal and Spiritual laws. You’re not here to convert EVERYONE into the light. You are here to anchor the light by living in your truth and to focus on your mission. It is wonderful to be helping other lightworkers to awaken if they choose to, but not everyone is going to awaken during this process. Lightworkers are specially trained light beings and they will all awaken at the divine time for them. Dear ones, do not use force, violence, or harassment to try to bring others to the light. Everyone will awaken that is supposed to awaken.

For the next month we may feel like challenging ourselves and seeking a new skill or area of study to grow and evolve in. Use your interests as sign posts showing you the path to your soul purpose. Pay attention to your ego, or your wounded inner child. Sometimes we feel a false sense of entrapment and have negative or fear based thoughts. This is your inner child needing to feel safe and secure, ensure your inner child that all is going to go as planned for your highest good. Try not to become overly focused on your material needs at this time because the universe will always provide for you. Perhaps you are trying to fill an emotional void, which material objects could never do. What you’re really craving is inner peace through a spiritual path.  If you have any issues with this call upon Archangel Jophiel when you need a positive boost in how you feel about your world or yourself.

Please let me know how you’re feeling this month! I wish you many blessings!

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