Earth Day Meditation

Mother Earth has sustained you and nourished you for many lifetimes. She deserves much more than one day a year where people decide to plant a tree, although I feel Earth day is helpful to make people remember her. I send her love and healing EVERYDAY and EVERY WEEK. It is my way of sending her grateful love and healing. Humans have polluted her in many ways for a very long time, even before we had smog and automobiles, we were still polluting her with negative thought forms and emotions that we didn’t know how to balance. So make it a daily thing to send her some love, she has been through a lot and anytime is always a great time to send her some healing.

You can do this meditation ANYTIME. But I am posting this for those who may want to do something special for her on Earth Day.

Sit down and Quiet your mind, make sure that there are not too many distractions and you can give her the respect she deserves.

Visualize a bubble of rainbow energy around you with a blue corridor or light around it.

Connect to the galactic central sun, the source.

Think or say the following invocation: “I now joyously accept the mighty God presence of the Pure Christ, I am a child of the light, I thank the light for sustaining, illuminating, and protecting me, I am the light, I am the light, I am the light, I AM, I AM, I AM. I Bless the Light.”

Visualize your body turning into pure light and your heart chakra shining like an illuminating galaxy of love.

Now connect to the Crystalline core of Mother Earth and send your light down into inner earth.

Allow yourself to be a portal between The Galactic Central Sun and Mother Earth.

Envision the Infinity symbol within your chakras connecting you between these two points.

When you are finished sending her Love & Light, Thank all the beings who were helping you heal her and ask that any energy not used be returned back to the universe.

Mother Earth grounds us and cleanses us, take time regularly to bask in her glory and thank her by being respectful and helping to keep her clean physically, and energetically. If you feel like really cleansing her from time to time, you can call upon Ascended Master St. Germain and ask that he invoke the violet flame to help cleanse her energetically. Then visualize the violet flame surrounding the planet and all inhabitants. We are all in this together, we can work together to ascend and evolve with grace.




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