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EMF Safety for Starseeds and Indigo Children

With the technology available today, many people surround themselves with harmful EMF and RF.

As we continue to vibrate more quickly and move forward in our ascension process, this can be harmful to our energy fields. I have found a very great website to help give you some tips on keeping yourself safe. I also would like to add that using orgonite pyramids and pendants may also be helpful. I always turn off my wi-fi before going to sleep at night and sleep with an orgonite pyramid above my head.  Children are very sensitive to these frequencies and if you have a special little one like I do, they feel it very intensely as I’ve seen from personal experience with my sensory sensitive child. Please do research and don’t sleep with your cell phone under your pillow and read the following tips. It could help keep you protected energetically if you make sure to avoid over exposure to EMFs. Always ask your angels and guides to help you not be affected by these by filling your energy field with pure white light and love. I hope this inspires you to do some research and keep yourself and your little ones safe.

  1. Use cell phones as little as possible. Studies have demonstrated that biological effects occur when holding the device against your ear 30 seconds into making or receiving a call. Use your cell phone to take messages and use a corded land line to make calls.
  2. Cell phones emit radiation even when you are not making a call. For this reason wireless communication devices should not be carried against your body. Cell phones kept in pockets should be turned off.
  3. Do not let young children use cell phones at all, or restrict their use to emergency situations only.
  4. All microwave ovens leak RF radiation when they are in use. Replace microwave ovens with safer appliances such as a toaster or a conventional electric or gas range and oven.
  5. Do not let a child use a cordless home phone. These can be replaced with a hard wired corded land line phone.
  6. Replace all DECT / digital cordless phones, which emit high levels of RF radiation even when idle, with corded land line telephones. Corded land line telephones have low EMF emissions and are a good alternative.
  7. Avoid cell phone use in a car unless you are using a roof mounted external antenna. Without this, the RF signals from your cell phone will intensify because of multiple reflections from the metal surfaces of the car. Remember that cell phones emit RF radiation even when they are not being used to make a call.
  8. Many children’s games use wireless technology. Disable the wireless component if possible and replace it with a cable. Verify that RF emissions have ceased with an RF detector or RF Meter.
  9. When using a notebook/laptop or a computer use a hard wired network connection. Settings to disable the wireless connection are found in Network Settings on a PC or AirPort on a Mac. Once disabled, verify that the device has ceased emitting RF by using a RF detector or RF Meter.
  10. Replace wireless internet routers with hard wired units. Some wireless router models allow the user to shut off the wireless component and convert it to a hard wired unit. To ensure that RF emissions have ceased test with a RF detector or RF meter.
  11. Do not use compact fluorescent or any low voltage lighting technologies. CFLs emit high levels of electric fields and magnetic fields. Do not use compact fluorescent lights (CFL) or any low voltage lighting technologies. CFLs emit high levels of electric and magnetic fields. Incandescent light bulbs or 120 volt halogen bulbs are a safer alternative.
  12. DVDs / VCRs, electric clock radios/alarm clocks, stereo systems, heating pads, electric blankets, and water beds must be unplugged to cease electric and magnetic field emissions. During sleeping hours, remove or unplug electronic devices located in the sleeping areas.

Arcturian Light Language Activation

I’ve made this video for starseeds that can’t afford a full session. I feel everyone deserves to receive activation no matter your financial status. I’ve always found a lot of awesome you tube activations and they were very helpful to me as an awakening starseed. This activation will help awaken and strengthen your spiritual gifts and help you on your self healing journey by jump starting your spiritual evolution. Visit to schedule a full session with me and The Arcturians. ❤ ❤ Adonai.

Insight For Our Spiritual Evolution May 2015

I’ve connected with spirit to see what we need to work on and what to expect for the Month of May.

The current assessment energetically for our ascension process is that the energy is still very intense and powerful. We are being sent huge quantities of light from the Galactic Central Sun to help purify and cleanse our energy bodies. When you are receiving this light and taking time to integrate it through meditation and self work you may not feel like it’s a big deal. Some people who aren’t aware of the changes happening on our planet at this time may have trouble integrating these large quantities of pure light. In order for us to anchor more light we will have the darkness surface within and around us until we will finally release this and let go of it. For some of us this means to forgive ourselves and others for anything that has happened that we feel “Is not of the light”. Know that everything is light, and that darkness is only an illusion from your limited human perception. Yes there are dark thought forms that humans have created, and a few beings who have tried to stop the ascension process, but for the most part there is only love and light in the universe. Earth is the place where the darkness and light are learning to balance each other out. Even the things you deem as negative must be present within creation so that you can appreciate the positive. The Source, Creator, God- created all of it. There is a balance that is to be found. We just got out of balance on earth and now it is time to anchor the light here because the darkness just got out of control. When you try to “fight” the darkness and to not accept that it has just as big of a part in the universe as the light, you are becoming exactly what you are fighting. Violence is not the answer, acceptance is. Although you feel you are meant to rid the world or darkness, the reality is to find a balance and an agreement between both polarities. It is spiritual law that all beings are allowed to live within their own frequency. If a lightworker chooses to live within a very high frequency and  another being chooses not to live in that same vibration, that is perfectly alright according to Universal and Spiritual laws. You’re not here to convert EVERYONE into the light. You are here to anchor the light by living in your truth and to focus on your mission. It is wonderful to be helping other lightworkers to awaken if they choose to, but not everyone is going to awaken during this process. Lightworkers are specially trained light beings and they will all awaken at the divine time for them. Dear ones, do not use force, violence, or harassment to try to bring others to the light. Everyone will awaken that is supposed to awaken.

For the next month we may feel like challenging ourselves and seeking a new skill or area of study to grow and evolve in. Use your interests as sign posts showing you the path to your soul purpose. Pay attention to your ego, or your wounded inner child. Sometimes we feel a false sense of entrapment and have negative or fear based thoughts. This is your inner child needing to feel safe and secure, ensure your inner child that all is going to go as planned for your highest good. Try not to become overly focused on your material needs at this time because the universe will always provide for you. Perhaps you are trying to fill an emotional void, which material objects could never do. What you’re really craving is inner peace through a spiritual path.  If you have any issues with this call upon Archangel Jophiel when you need a positive boost in how you feel about your world or yourself.

Please let me know how you’re feeling this month! I wish you many blessings!

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Earth Day Meditation

Mother Earth has sustained you and nourished you for many lifetimes. She deserves much more than one day a year where people decide to plant a tree, although I feel Earth day is helpful to make people remember her. I send her love and healing EVERYDAY and EVERY WEEK. It is my way of sending her grateful love and healing. Humans have polluted her in many ways for a very long time, even before we had smog and automobiles, we were still polluting her with negative thought forms and emotions that we didn’t know how to balance. So make it a daily thing to send her some love, she has been through a lot and anytime is always a great time to send her some healing.

You can do this meditation ANYTIME. But I am posting this for those who may want to do something special for her on Earth Day.

Sit down and Quiet your mind, make sure that there are not too many distractions and you can give her the respect she deserves.

Visualize a bubble of rainbow energy around you with a blue corridor or light around it.

Connect to the galactic central sun, the source.

Think or say the following invocation: “I now joyously accept the mighty God presence of the Pure Christ, I am a child of the light, I thank the light for sustaining, illuminating, and protecting me, I am the light, I am the light, I am the light, I AM, I AM, I AM. I Bless the Light.”

Visualize your body turning into pure light and your heart chakra shining like an illuminating galaxy of love.

Now connect to the Crystalline core of Mother Earth and send your light down into inner earth.

Allow yourself to be a portal between The Galactic Central Sun and Mother Earth.

Envision the Infinity symbol within your chakras connecting you between these two points.

When you are finished sending her Love & Light, Thank all the beings who were helping you heal her and ask that any energy not used be returned back to the universe.

Mother Earth grounds us and cleanses us, take time regularly to bask in her glory and thank her by being respectful and helping to keep her clean physically, and energetically. If you feel like really cleansing her from time to time, you can call upon Ascended Master St. Germain and ask that he invoke the violet flame to help cleanse her energetically. Then visualize the violet flame surrounding the planet and all inhabitants. We are all in this together, we can work together to ascend and evolve with grace.



My Arcturian Rainbow Healing Journey

I have been working the past few months on a special healing modality from the Arcturians. I have worked with my amazing Arcturian Rainbow Healing master Verria through a journey of self healing. I have done energy healing in the past, and imagined it would be similar to that when beginning. I was awakened to a very new and magical experience. This journey has changed my life and helped me to raise my vibration and to connect more closely with my council and my Arcturian star family. I have went through my own self healing journey through this process of being activated to heal others. To heal others first, one must heal themselves. It’s wonderful to know what others are going through by experiencing it first hand before beginning to heal others. I can truly say that this process has changed my life. It has led me to my newest soul purpose path of making healing dream catchers, which came to me the night I had a session for activation with Verria that was awakening my divine purpose. I feel this is a new beginning for me and I’m proud to say I’m a Level 2 Arcturian Rainbow Healer. Arcturian Rainbow Healing works in a very gentle way that is similar to the Angelic Healing. This is a way to jump start your own self healing journey! This is not a band aid to fix you without you doing any self work. This is a way to receive support from the higher realms in your self healing journey, it will awaken your own self healing abilities and empower you on your spiritual journey. I can say from experience that I had to release a lot of things that weren’t for my highest good to make more room for the light. After digging deep you will truly feel as light as an angel feather and filled with unconditional love. I will be offering distant healing sessions in the future, so if you are interested keep an eye out on my page for updates. One Love

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