Inspiration from The Arcturians

The Arcturians are here to help educate us, they’ve been here all along, they are not “new visitors” They are the true beings from Earth. They are here to help us during the re-birth process of Mother Earth. If you feel guided connect with them and ask them for assistance. They work with every soul on Earth from a soul level, even if you think you don’t communicate with them, you still do at a soul level, and they have been helping us the entire time Earth has been in existence. Open your heart and accept the light-love from the Arcturians. Here is some inspiration for you:

An exerpt from the book, We, The Arcturians By Dr. Norma J. Milanovich.

“If we can leave you, our brothers and sisters of the universe, with any message of significance at all, allow us to state this one for your understanding:

“There is no truth or reality outside of yourself. You are the totality of the universe, and the oneness with God. It is all contained within, and the journey need go no further that quieting the outer self for the purpose of discovering the wonders and the beauty from within””


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