Energy Downloads

We are receiving lots of information from the increase of light flooding the Earth at this time. I’ve been feeling very energized and hearing a lot of new sounds from the spiritual realms. You can help this process happen smoothly by drinking extra water, exercising, and making time to meditate and connect with spirit each day. I have personally picked this time period to do a major detox to cleanse my physical body of all that no longer serves me. This is helping me to remove all the lower energies from my energetic bodies and to make room for my higher self to come fully into my physical incarnation. Make sure to start your day with intentions and goals and state them clearly. We have a lot of help from the spiritual beings of light who are assisting us in integrating these light codes on a subtle level. Take care of yourself, it is a time for self love and nurturing yourself physically, and emotionally. Take time to connect with spirit and ask for help if you are having trouble with integrating these codes. It is common to have ear popping, body buzzing, and heightened psychic awareness during these downloads. I personally find it hard to sleep sometimes when receiving energy so I try to rest when I can.  During this process Mother Earth is receiving these light codes as well and if you would like to help her, imagine a pillar of light coming from the Galactic Central Sun through your chakras and into the crystalline core of Earth. Allow yourself to be a channel for the light to go into Gaia and help heal her as well as yourself. If you are wanting to detox sea salt baths and lavender oil can be helpful energetically. It is important to focus on the positive, and to always be open to receive from spirit the guidance you need  to get through this period in a state of grace and flow.  Stay centered and always keep your heart open and filled with love. ❤


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