Book Recomendation for our Galactic Heritage “The Prism of Lyra”

A beautiful light being friend of mine has recommended this book to me. I had received guidance to read a book about Lyra and was recommended this one. “The Prism of Lyra” An exploration of Human galactic heritage. By Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest. This book will blow your mind. I always see people debating extraterrestrial information in groups and chuckle to myself. This book will answer every question you have about where we came from and how different extraterrestrial races have evolved and became what they are today.

This book includes all the information you need as starseeds to understand who you are! Highly recommend this read to every starseed on Earth. So glad that the universe aligned and A beautiful friend led me to this book.

This book also talks about the different dimensions and the struggle between light and dark and how we are here to integrate both into balance. When you read this book it really helps you understand how the dark ones have become how they are and why and you begin to relate to why things happened the way that they did. I truly enjoyed reading this and feel like it took me on a journey to my self. This is the story of you! The story of how the humans became and how we were created. Our galactic heritage is much more complex than we’ve been led to believe and it’s time you wake up to the truth. If you have any questions about extraterrestrials and the different races that are interacting with Earth this is the book for you.

After reading this I realize the ones I felt were the dark ones are also our family. We all came from the same source, and we must integrate to return to source. All this time the battle between good and evil  in our universe has finally came to earth and it’s our responsibility to integrate our shadow self with our light and return to our home.


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