Feeling For The Humans

Sometimes, I look around and watch the other humans existing within the matrix and my heart hurts for them. They are all stuck in their frequency and trying to do their best. Most of them have no idea what is going on right now with our consciousness collectively. I watch them pay their bills, buy groceries, and buy the latest technology. They are just like you and I, they have been misled and told that this is the way life is supposed to be. It’s heartbreaking to watch them continue to play their roles in the matrix as if that is their true purpose in life.  It’s not their fault, they used to be very highly evolved beings, many eons ago negative ETs unhooked their DNA and made them into zombies to use for food. They feed off of their fear and chaos. Those days are over now and we are entering a new Golden Age. For the most part I try not to overstep boundaries and try to get everyone to believe in angels and higher beings, but If someone seems curious I will open up to them and give them any knowledge I feel guided to give. It’s important for lightworkers to really feel for the humans, this is why we are here, to rescue them from their own doings, to liberate them from the negative influences that were, and to show them the way by living in our light. When I am out in public spaces, I will open up and ask the angels and loving light beings to fill the space with a beautiful love bomb of rainbow energy. I open myself up and let my light shine and intend to share my consciousness with others in that space to try to crack open their shell and let some light touch their hearts. I like many, can sometimes find myself judging or disliking some humans. It isn’t the easiest thing to focus on compassion in every moment. When I find myself in moments judging others or myself, I ask Archangel Jophiel to beautify my thoughts and actions. When you really begin to observe other humans in their day to day lives, you begin to feel sorry for them, and really feel that empathy for others. The more awakened you become the more you will realize, the world isn’t as bad as you’ve been led to believe.  The native species of Planet Earth is just stuck in a stagnant frequency and we, the family of light, the bringers of the dawn, are here to liberate them by living in our authenticity, which is pure light and love.  Share your light with the world, it’s your true purpose!

I’m available for readings and healing sessions through my website or e-mail at Arielangelreadings@gmail.com


Namaste! Adonai!


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