March Angel Tarot Card Reading

I’ve connected with the Angels to see what is in store for humanity for the month of March.


I received The Strength card with Archangel Ariel telling us to release the harsh judgments about ourselves and others. Sometimes we are too busy judging ourselves we forget how beautiful and amazing we really are. It’s time for self observation to just exist and watch the flow of the universe work through you. Forgive yourself and others for your past judgments. Your power lies in the now moment, stay mindful and know that anything that has happened to you in the past was for your highest good. If you want to make changes, the power is in the present moment and you can make intentions to do better from now on.  I also received the Two of Earth and this card tells us it’s important to ground ourselves during this period. There is a lot going on at once, and we need to connect with our one true Mother, Mother Earth. The two is a perfect balance, and we balance ourselves through being in nature and grounding our energy into the Crystalline Core at the center of Earth. Imagine a pillar of light running from the Great Central Sun through your body and into the Core of the Earth. Allow yourself to be aligned and rebalanced by Mother Earth. Now is the time to decide do we want to continue on our mission to heal humanity and Mother Earth or are you ready to leave this planet? It’s time to get off the fence and either do your soul’s mission or let someone else do it. If you are ready to complete your mission tell spirit that you would like to receive guidance and that you accept your service to the light. It is helpful to do the Sunday Planetary Liberation meditations that I have shared before. This is a great way to do your lightworker service. Finally, I received the Recovery card, We are collectively healing and cleansing at this time. It’s important to nurture your self, take care of your physical body, and allow yourself to rest. We are integrating a high volume of light at this time and even though we’ve had to work hard at clearing for the collective, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important to find that self love within you that has always been. By loving yourself you are loving others, we are all connected. Love has always been the key to higher consciousness. As we move forward in our evolution this month, remember to give yourself a break, take the time to enjoy this physical experience. Really FEEL Your experience, FEEL your emotions, FEEL your inner light. You are a powerful being and all your desires can come to you with just the intention. You are MAGICAL and it’s time to step into your true power of a PURE LIGHT BEING! Be mindful, Be Loving, and Be fully present. Connect with your Inner Child and ask them what they would like to do? Be Playful and give that child the love and attention they really deserve. Many Blessings to you Dear Light Beings.

As always, I’m available for spiritual guidance, readings, and energy healing sessions on my website.

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Namaste! Adonai!


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