Crystal Dreams

Last night I had a magnificent dream and it jumped around a lot, but there was a large stack of boxes and I was speaking with a man about them. I asked “Are these for the Ascension?” And he said “Yes let me show you.” He showed me A box that said something about “Elven” and showed me these magical beautiful crystals that are difficult to describe in language. I picked up a box that was mine and asked him if he would like to see it. I opened it up and there was an irredescent rose quartz looking half moon with a star on it and it was so magical and beautiful. Also I had another one that is difficult to describe that looked like moldavite and was a greenish blue almost like moss agate. It looked dangly like earrings. These crystals were so pristine and luminescent that when I woke up in the middle of the night I was just in awe of them. I just felt like sharing my dream with you all. I love crystals and they are even in my dreams! I wonder if these are meaningful to anyone else or if they are a key to the ascension process. I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences with crystals like these. ❤


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