Meditation for Integrating Sirian Light Codes

Right now we are being flooded with light codes to activate our light bodies. These are coming from the Sirian Masters working with Earth at this time. posted a transmission and included was this meditation so I am posting this to help lightworkers during this time of integration of light codes to our light bodies.

Our Heart center is under a lot of pressure while receiving these light codes, depending on if your pineal gland is opened up or not, you may feel unbalanced and have emotions arise such as anger or frustration if it is not opened. Those who have opened their pineal gland up will be able to flow more easily through these transitions.

To begin this meditation to integrate the light codes, Begin to focus into your heart center and begin to do some deep breathing. Relax your body completely. Open up your channel to Earth through your base chakra down into the Earth Star Chakra and into the Heart of Mother Earth. Breathe in harmony with the pulsation of the heart of the Earth Mother as she aligns with the cosmic heart. Bring that energy back to your heart and breathe deeply. Open your channel upwards through the crown chakra and Soul Star Chakra up into the cosmic heart. Breathe in harmony with the Divine Heart. Bring focus back to your heart. Now you are aligned and grounded. Now you can call in the Sirian Masters, Dolphin Angels, Archangels, Elohim to work with you at this time. Now, Open up your Pineal Gland to receive the light code transmissions from Sirius. Breathe deeply as light floods your pineal gland and flows through your body. Ground the energy through your body into Earth. Breathe and ground until your body feels balanced and calm. Continue to do this daily if you feel guided  until the light codes are integrated. Take care of yourself during this time of integration and get plenty of sleep and water. It may be helpful to bathe or shower more frequently at this time. Some crystals to work with during this period are black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, and clear quartz. As always, ask your Angels and council to guide you if you are having trouble feeling anxiety during this time.


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