Invoking Your Inner Goddess During the New Moon

The New Moon phase or the “Dark Moon” is the Energy of the Ancient and Divine Feminine Mother. This is great time to sow seeds and set intentions for the rest of the lunar cycle. All you do hinges on the energy you focus on during the New Moon. Establish a vision so you can use the rest of the cycle to bring it to fruition. This period is the optimal time for Females to have their moon cycle, and it is a time for inner reflection and honoring the Divine Feminine. February 18, 2015 is the next New Moon, the next New Beginning giving you a chance to start anew and plant seeds of intentions to further you on your path of your soul’s Divine Purpose.  Laura Pleiadian has posted a great New Moon Invocation on youtube listen here:  This may inspire you to connect with your Inner Goddess to remember that You are Divine Source here for a reason. This is a great time to reaffirm your service to Divine will and align with your Higher Self. Take some time to write down some intentions and have a blessed New Moon!


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