Aromatherapy for Spiritual Development

I enjoy all things natural and I truly love using essential oils in every area of my personal life. Aromatherapy can be used for spiritual development and I would like to list some that can be helpful to others on their spiritual journey.

Here is some information from The book The Lightworkers Companion.

Basil- Transmutes deep levels of fear. Delves into the layers of emotional and mental body to transmute fear that has built up over time. Helps transmute anxiety that stems from fear.

Cardamom seed- Helps in developing a bridge of connection between you and the higher realms and higher self. Aids in spiritual connection.

Cinnamon- Can be mixed with water and sprayed in the energy field for spiritual protection. Shelters energy field from protection.

Geranium- Assists to re-establish energetic boundaries in energy fields of people who have had these boundaries broken. Useful in abuse cases where the individual had certain  rights taken from them. Geranium builds up the layers in the energy field that are weak and repairs breaks in the aura and energy fields. Great to use after surgery where your energy field is disrupted. Put a few drops on your hands and smooth through your energy field as thought you are building the layers with your hands.

Jasmine- A feminine energy, brings comfort and security. Relieves tension and brings gentle feminine energy into the situation. Sometimes light beings or angels use this scent when they enter the room to relax individuals and make them feel safe.

Lavender- Lavender acts as an antiseptic for the energy field. Cleanses and nurtures. It is so well rounded for spiritual uses that if you’re unsure what oil to use, Lavender is possibly your safest bet.

Lemongrass- A strong cleanser for the energy field. Strips the energy field of energetic debris or pollution. Can also assist people to cleanse their energy fields after choosing to give up an addictive substance.

Lime- Assists access to the Higher Mind of the Higher Self. Promotes higher thought forms and uplifts the mental and emotional bodies.

Mandarin- Assists people through periods of grieving.

Orange- Lifts the emotional body and cleanses it of heavy emotional residue.

Rose- Helpful to use when transmuting anger.  Also helps in building self- esteem. Rose directly to the heart chakra will encourage it to open up and develop deeper feelings of self love.

Rosemary- Removes lower vibrations in the mental field that contribute to depressive thoughts.

Sandalwood- Encourages the opening and development of the crown chakra and channels contained within the crown. Can be placed on other chakra points to encourage them to respond to higher frequencies.

Most of these can be mixed with spring water and sprayed around the energy field and your space. This is my favorite way to use essential oils besides using them in baths.

Always do your own research before using any essential oils and dilute them before use.


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