Live in the Light

Live In The Light

February 7, 2015

A message from the Angels

Live In The Light

I’ve connected with the Angels asking if there is anything that could help humanity at this time for our highest good.

I received “YES!” Bravo! The decisions you have been making are the right ones. There is no need to doubt or sort through additional options. You know what to do, and you should continue to move forward with your plans! You’ve made the correct choice for your personal growth and development, however some decisions can be a true challenge. If the task ahead of you is daunting or even sad, then proceed with your plans in a way that is life affirming and self-loving. Ask your Angels to be with you every step of the way, and don’t hesitate to call upon friends and family for support. During energy shifts we may have some challenges come up but we are powerful and can choose how we react to every situation. It may be helpful to observe your thoughts and emotions that arise and ask yourself is this mine? It may be something floating around in the collective that needs to be released, and you are doing a great service to release this for humanity. Ask the Angels to escort the thought or emotion that is causing you trouble into the light. It is important for us to keep our energy fields clean and clear during this time. If you need help with cleansing your energy field call upon Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy to help vacuum your energy field out and replace all lower emotions and entities with liquid light. When you wake up place a bubble of light around you at all times and ask the Angels to seal your high vibration within the bubble for the day. There are little bits of darkness that can agitate us floating around and it is important to be aware of this, and that this is not always coming from within you when frustration arises. Observe all of your thoughts and inner guidance. Trust your intuition, if something feels off honor that feeling. We are on a wild ride recently concerning energy shifts and it’s only the beginning. Remain in Love, ALWAYS. Do not let any propaganda or fear get to you during this time. Turn off the media, take breaks from social networking, take the time to meditate or quiet your mind each day. Remember to drink plenty of water to help recalibrate your personal energy field as your cells are changing. Take care of your self and your loved ones, let others know that there is a lot going on energetically and there is nothing to fear, it is all for our highest good. Keep it Positive and Continue to live in the light in every way. Great changes are happening and it is our duty to remain calm and centered. Many Blessings to all of you Divine Angelic Beings of Light!


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