Lightworker Exercises

It is important for all lightworkers to learn to work with energy. An exercise I find helpful for those learning more about their energy body is to “Run your energy”. This exercise is from The book “The lightworkers companion” and I recommend all lightworkers read that book. This simple exercise like all energy work is very helpful in expanding your energy body and assisting Mother Earth and humanity in our evolution. With any energy work it is always important to call in your most loving guides and at least one Archangel such as Archangel Michael or Archangel Metatron to watch over your session. During energy work you are more vulnerable and noticeable to lower energies, as long as you protect yourself and visualize a white light bubble around you and your space along with calling in your guides and Archangels you will be safe and secure. After putting your protection into place, Imagine yourself as a bright pillar of white light. Visualize this white light moving through you and into the crystalline core in the center of Mother Earth, then bring that energy back up into your body and up above your head into the higher realms into the vastness of your soul. Imagine that energy continuing to cycle from your soul into the center of the Earth and back into your soul for as many times as you feel is necessary. This not only recalibrates your energy field it also is bringing Mother Earth the energy she needs to also transform herself and evolve. This is excellent for those who are wishing to work more with energy and are not sure where to start. This exercise will help you to feel your energy and see what it is like to visualize and feel it at the same time. If you feel like you are in need of rebalancing your energy try this technique! It is also very helpful to always cleanse and clear your aura and energy field along with your chakras daily or whenever you feel guided to do so. Imagining white light cleansing your chakras and energy field will cleanse and purify any lower energy from you and refresh your energy field into the brilliant pillar of light that you truly have always been. Namaste

.crystal light


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