Healing with the Arcturians

Last night before going to bed I called in The Arcturians (5th dimensional light beings) for healing. I asked them to heal my mind,body,and spirit. I woke up from a dream with them communicating with me telepathically. I felt the most amazing love and gentleness. I could feel them working on me and I felt so safe and secure. I felt the physical sensations on my body as they healed me. I was very grateful and in awe that this was really happening. This experience is beyond anything I’ve ever felt before it was so powerful and loving. These beings are filled with Unconditional Love and they are available for healing both the planet and the humans. They work with a very refined energy and are much more advanced spiritually than we are. They are here to help assist Earth and her inhabitants ascend into the higher dimensions through the spiritual evolution termed “ascension”. More on that subject another time. If you feel like connecting and asking them for healing all it takes is your intentions and an open heart. I highly recomend it! I also am an Arcturian starseed and really enjoyed connecting with my soul family!

Image is from Ambassador Ehani


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