Authentic and Divine

I have connected with the Angels and have received a reading for humanity’s highest good. First we have The Emperor card with Archangel Michael. The number for this card is a four, and it represents stability. This card is telling me that sometimes we get a little ungrounded and it is important for us to balance ourselves. We can use organization and logic to help bring us the structure and discipline that we need to find our center and remain there. This is a very empowering card, taking back leadership in our lives as creators. Next, we have the Seven of Fire and this card represents our passions and goals that we hold dear to our hearts. Defend your beliefs and decisions. You know deep in your heart what is right for you personally. Stand your ground and defend your choices! You are on the right path for your soul purpose here on Earth, don’t let anyone stand in the way of your dreams. Also, I received the Awakening card with Archangel Gabriel telling us to see things from a new perspective. What I get from this card is that we are to see past the illusions that we’ve been stuck in for so long and see a new point of view. It’s sometimes hard for some people to remain authentic as they worry too much of what others think of them. Try seeing things from your own higher self’s point of view. Imagine things from a new perspective, follow your intuition and let it guide you. Focus within instead of focusing on what others may think of you. What is most important at this time is that we remain authentic and aligned with our higher self at all times. No matter what others think of you, it is you who has to live with yourself and your choices, make sure that what you choose is aligned with divine will. It may feel that we’ve reached a standstill, this is a great time to reevaluate your situations and rethink your hopes and dreams. Reach for the stars, it is all within reach, for you are the creator of your destiny. Embrace your uniqueness and step out of the norm, Be yourself! You’ve always been divine and it’s your birthright to be happy and loved. Be generous with your time and help those who are having trouble waking up and are still wiping the sleepy dust from their eyes. There is a power that lies within being yourself, once you find that you will empower others to be themselves as well. Call upon Archangel Gabriel who helps humans become Divine messengers of Love. When you speak, think, and act from a place of love, others are irresistibly drawn to you. When you put out what you intend on receiving the universe is working in perfect unison. Everything comes full circle and it begins with you and your intentions.



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